Focus Editorial Services pattern 1

Sample work

Examples of work I have carried out for clients include:

Copy-editing and rewriting sections of a Landscape Character Assessment

Working with a landscape architect to write accessible sections of the assessment that could be used to inform the general public about potential changes to their local environment, and providing a light copy-edit of the entire document.

Copy-editing academic book manuscripts

Copy-editing including grammar, spelling, internal consistency and reference-checking, discussing corrections and queries with the author, and writing an editor’s report for the production manager.

Improvement of English

Copy-editing academic papers to improve style, grammar and use of language for writers who need help with English. I have worked with authors from all over the world, including Sweden, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Turkey, Libya, Oman, Qatar, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan and Japan.


Proofreading the final draft of a PhD thesis, checking grammar, spelling, internal consistency and cross-references.

Editing text for business documentation

Refining English, improving style, removing inconsistencies and correcting grammar in suites of business documentation including tender submissions, guidance documents and reports.

Plain English and clear communication

  • Rewriting and restructuring customer-facing forms and guidance notes for a public body.
  • Clarifying, rationalising and rewriting customer-facing letters from a government department. (Work carried out through Text Matters and the University of Reading’s Simplification Centre and Centre for Information Design Research (CIDR)).